Blue Pyramid Events

Please download the appropriate booking form/s below and once completed send to:

Sale Masonic Hall 

M.B.S. festival


3rd & 4th of June, 2017      

34 stands

Macron Stadium, Horwich 

M.B.S  Festival 2017  


30th  September, 1st October,17

70 stands available

Football Hotel, Manchester

M.B.S. festival


12th & 13th August 2017        

60 stands

Hotel Football Booking Form

Stockport Town Hall

M.B.S. festival/vegan festival


4th & 5th November 2017

85 stands available

Stockport Town Hall Booking Form
* Required

Please pay the deposit by clicking on one of the above links.

£20 deposit required

£40 deposit required

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If you have difficulties downloading any of the above booking forms, you can use the below.   This form is for individual bookings only.

You can also request forms by email at

£40 deposit required

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Blue Pyramid Events

Sale Masonic Hall Booking Form Macron Stadium Booking Form

£25 deposit required

Multiple Booking Form

Multiple Events Deposit

Book more then one Event and you will  discounts and you can pay one lower deposit for the booking. Just fill in the multiple booking form below.