Blue Pyramid Events

Festival of Mind Body & Spirit    -     Hotel Football    -     27th & 28th January, 18


10am to 4.30pm  -   Beautiful Venue   -   Huge Carpark



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Talks/Workshops  Saturday                         Exhibitors


Elaine Bradshaw  -  Laneways Hypnotherapy - Elaine is a Clinical Hypnotherapist based in Cadishead, Manchester.

Hypnotherapy can help with Slimming, Anxiety, Fears &  Phobias, Migraines, Panic Attacks, Confidence and much more.


Hayley - Be Forever Aloemazing -  A fantastic range of

health, wellness and beauty products that will help you and your pets feel amazing.

John & Sue

John & Sue Cook -  White Feather Gifts - Wonderful Angels, paintings, buddha, lights, Jewellery, books and other spiritual gifts.  John is also a highly acclaimed psychic medium and healer.


Talks/Workshops  Sunday  

John Cook

2pm - Mediumship Workshop

Reuki Michael

Reikimichael Jameson - Synergy -   fully qualified Angel healing therapist that I combine with my Reiki Master qualification to deliver a completely holistic treatment that combines an Angel card reading with Reiki healing energy.

A Short Demo of how to link to Spirit

by John Cook.

Jon Scotland

3pm - A Demonstration of Past Life Regression

by Jon Scotland

Jon Scotland

Jon Scotland - Tarot Readings  -   The Tarot are an ancient art of divination, guidance and counselling which will help you immensely to find the answers you need to know and take a positive step forward towards a brighter future.

Elaine Bradshaw

Rebekah Flint -  Wholistixx -   'Multi-dimensional channel & wholistic synergist... inner god/dess liberator' ;

1pm - Connect to your Inner Goddess

M.A.A.T dance goddess/God self through conscious movement, visualisation & meditation'  by Rebekah Flint - Wholistixx

Rebekah Rebekah aura

1pm - How to see your Aura

Learn about how to sense your aura and other people’s aura. Understanding the aura. Talk involves exercise to practise sensing your aura. by Naz Psychic Hands


Naz Akhar - Psychic Hands - Aura Photographer with psychic reading,  The aim of a reading is to provide us guidance to make the right choices.

Jan Mayfield -  Autohor of Zoetic Soul: Pertaining to Life. Your Life  (you can buy on Amazon). Also gifted international medium.


2pm -Demonstration of mediumship and psychic connections

A demonstration of mediumship and psychic connections to the other side. Guidance given on how YOU can connect to enhance your life with messages, guidance and positivity from loved souls by Author of Zoetic Soul & international medium - Jan Mayfield.

michelle lawson

Michelle Lawson - Angel Therapy Practitioner -  fully certified Angel Therapy Practitioner ®, Fairyologist ®, Certified Angel Card Reader® and Reiki Practitioner with over 10 years experience working for Spirit, Angels and the Fae.